EPs and compilations

Metallic Dreamcatcher / Vger, Metaphysical Digital 2015
Maybe Light digital EP
Audio Gourmet 2012
New Sonic CD EP
Dokuro 2009
Fabrication 4.0 download
Attenuation Circuit october 2017
Pinchbeck “Amaryllis” featuring STOS
CD 2013
Signalvoid USB / download
Signalvoid 2012
Concentric Spaces CD
Striate Cortex 2011
Slow Starlight download
A Long and Winding Road 2012
Recalling download EP
Audio Gourmet 2010
First Transmissions CD EP
not on label 2008
Intrication download compilation
Attenuation Circuits 2014
Metaphysical World Pieces #2, download compilation 2013
A silent swaying breath download, Audio Gourmet 2011
In the bleak wilderness of sleep CD Audio Gourmet 2011